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Why Choose IQSS?

The Money and time you spend on training will definitely turn out to be a worthwhile investment in the future

Training will enable you to acquire the knowledge and skills to perform tasks on your own under a manager in the construction industry

Individuals who have access to training and development programs from the iqss campus have an edge over others in the market

A development and training program tailor-made for the construction industry ensures you have uniform experience and background knowledge. Consistency in what you do ensures your growth and improvement.

The training will enable you to develop the knowledge base and work skills required to work more effectively independently in the field of construction management.

Training provide an important opportunity to gain your knowledge as a civil engineer.

The training program will definitely act as a catalyst to strengthen and improve your skills as a civil engineer.

As you complete the training, your skills and knowledge of the job will improve and your confidence in your abilities will increase. It improves your performance and enables you to work more efficiently in the construction industry.

Independent knowledge and skills required to work in various departments in the field of construction management such as Tendering Department, Planning Department, Implementation Department etc. can be acquired through training.

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