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Welcome to Institute of Quantity Surveyors

The Institute of Quantity Surveyors, Calicut. has confidently imparted knowledge to more than 450 aspiring candidate and is proud to proclaim the successful placement of all these trained personnel, in top position, in countries like UAE, Saudi, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Singapore and India. This has enhanced our joy and prestige and we take this golden opportunity to enlighten you about the aims and objective of our Institution, which helped all our candidates.

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Commencement Date
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Students Testimonials
  • I found a turning Point in My Career, I got a different knowledge about construction under your premisis, after this course my knowledge is increased and I hope ican improve it for my future, expecially thanking you all the staffs of IQSS.

    Er. Althar Ahammed.PP (Btech Civil), Batkal Eng College, Planning Engineer, BinLaden Group, Saudi Arabia
  • It is great Pleasure to study in IQSS. After coming here I explore many things. Now I am confident to attend interviews in a professional way. I thank you for giving enough Knowledge.

    Er. K.Gowtham.(B E Civil) Vadapalani, Chennai-26
  • My Experience over here is quite good, the way of teaching is good and the faculty also .

    Er. Mohammad Azam Khan (B tech Civil) Luck now, Uttar Pradesh
  • Thank You very much IQSS for giving me sun an outstanding opportunity to full my drams as to be a professional Engineer in Estimation Department, Under your guidance. You had given me all the knowledge, support and requisitions to be molded as an Estimation Engineer.

    I feel this is the most Important Phase in my life her to reach my goals and Destinations.

    Thank you for all supports.

    Er. Keleam SivaKrishna (B tech Civil) Medak Dist, Hyderabad.
  • I am DineshKumar, as I Completed B tech 2015 May, I joined in the institute as quantity Surveying with in the span of four months, I got enough knowledge and I capable to do work as QS OFFICER . I spend a valuable time in Kerala and this is my foundation.

    Er. Namballa Dinesh Kumar (Btech Civil) Srikakulam, Andra Pradesh
  • I am sai Sandeep, I had completed my B tech in 2015, after completing my B tech I had make a decision to work. But in India to get job it is difficult without reference, so I had decided to do training QS then I had visited the IQSSCAMPUS, Kerala, In B tech I had got 73%^ , but I don’t know anything about civil engineering in Practical. After completing the course I had got a good idea about everything from inspection to post completion of Project.

    Er. SaiSandeep (Btech Civil) Kadappa
  • I R.Lokesh from Kadapa Completed My Btech in May 2015, after completion of Btech I tried for jobs, many people are asking experience or any reference for jobs, My Friends suggested this Institute to join in this training and my course completed now and I have confidence that I can get job without any reference

    Er. Rebba Lokesh ( Btech Civil)Yerramukkapalli, Kadappa
  • I am Saleem Basha. I Have completed my Btech in 2012 and worked for 32 months as site Engineer, I have Suffered a lot from my site job. After that I have enquired about different ways where can be Survive like that. after that I have enquired about quantity surveying one of my friend told me to join QS , after that I came here and enquired and I got so much of positive response from the Institute. So I decided to join IQSS and got so much knowledge beyond my site experience.

    Nice Instructors and Nice Faculty.

    Er. Saleam Basha (Btech Civil) Nallamada, Ananthpur
  • I Mohammed Siddique have done Btech in 2014 and was bit confused there after got a job and was presently Having a experience of 6months and there was thinking of my dreams to become a quantity surveyor and then I searched in internet and found IQSS which is the thing I have got much knowledge and more valuable in life and the support which we get is the main and important thing and plays a crucial role where the facility is very helpful and them the environment is very good where you ge confidence where you go out this institute.

    I hope this will continue and be much better with the god’s grace.

    Er. Mohammed Siddique. (Btech Civil), Visakhapatanam
  • I was not confident towards my profession & Graduation stream but after a proper guidance form the Faculties over here,I Feel that confident to be exposed in my profession & can complete in long run not only in my nation but also in abroad. IQSS Campus is very professional Training Institute with proper Environments & Awesome Climate for we people who are just in a wait to achieve the maximum in Civil Engineering.

    Er. Rosan Ranjan Dash (Btech Civil), Bhubannewswar, Odisha
  • I Abinash Dhal have done Btech in the Civil Engineering in Krupajal Engineering College in Bhuvaneswar, Orissa. I came here I thought it was just about Quantity Take off, But after completing this training I Have the Knowledge about all the essential thing which is necessary for the job, the most important thing Now I feel more confident after completing this training, so I think this is the best institute all over the India for Construction Management.

    Er. Abinash Dal (Btech Civil), Bhubaneswar, Orissa
  • I Arsad Firnaz graduated from Jayamatha Engg College. Kanyakumari. Before Coming the Institute I didn’t have any knowledge OF Quantity Survey. From starting stage I can get some ideas about QS. Finally in finishing stage I got lots of ideas about quantity surveying, Reinforcement that means Bar bending Schedule, Quantity Takeoff, Billing, and Tendering Etc. I should thank all staffs in IQSSCampus.

    Er. Arsad Firnaz (Be Civil) Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu
  • I have completed Civil engineering from TKM College of Engineering. After the graduation I HAD NO IDEA about my future. hats when one of my relatives suggested about IQSS Campus Calicut. Even after completing B tech, I Had no practical Knowledge on any of the Civil Engineering aspects. It’s from this Institute, That I Learned the basic knowledge on the field of quantity surveying. You have provided me a lot of support and were helpful in guiding me and opening a new path for my future.

    Er. Rajaram (Btech Civil), Pathanamthitta, TKM Eng College
  • Thank you for giving me a great foundation in the construction field. I came here with no basics of Civil engineering. But after coming here in the end of the training I am confident that I can get a job somewhere either in India or Abroad.

    Er. Ramya Krishnan (Be Civil), Nilgiris, Tamilnadu
  • Thanks for giving me a Wonderful opprurtunity to know things about quantity takeoff, tendering and lot of things. And I am very mush pleased and gained so many things which will help to construct my own future with my own prospects. And I am very much thankful to the working staffs of IQSSCampus and they helped me very well and whose me some few tricks which will help me in my future works. And the ambience you created for the students really helped us well in a good manner. So thank you so much for helping me out to create a specific path which I could follow in civil engineering world.

    Er. VinuPrasad (Be Civil) Trichy, Tamilnadu
  • I Joined in IQSSCampus without the knowledge of Quantity Surveying (Particularly tendering and billing) Now after the completion of the course here in IQSS ,I can say I got Knowledge about tendering, billing and ,Planning along with Quantity Surveying, Excel Knowledge is also an addition for me after coming here. The working style and culture of Gulf Construction can be understand here without stepping into Gulf which will help in entering into Gulf Construction work in Future I thanks all the staffs who helped me here to get the knowledge of Quantity Survey and Construction Techniques.

    Er.Er. V.VeeraKumar (B E Civil) Coimbatore,Tamilnadu
  • I am very happy that i got an exact idea about the construction and Quantity analysis in this field, when I came here i was so blank in my mind. After my training from IQSS I am so confident to do works in Estimation, Tendering , Billing, Planning & Cost control Departments, Thanks

    Er. Faijas Veghat,Be Civil, MES Eng College, Kuttipuram
  • It was an outstanding experience with this campus. It is very rare to keep in contact and helpful after training periods. very grateful sir and faculties keeping a well wishing mentality to us.
    I may get or may not a good job. But the knowledge got me here is worth. Anyway it is a unique firm which I experienced that felicitating this much for the student over here. A big salute to your handwork.

    Regards to all

    Er. Abdul Basith. Kannur, Btech Civil. Batkal Eng College, Estimation Engineer
  • First of all I am thankful to god for giving me such an opportunity and I am grateful to th faculty of this institute, first of all when I came here I am a big zero and I had lost my confidence in working, but slowly I came to know about basics. Now I will say proudly I can do, repeating again and again all the faculties are here are the only responsible ones for my successful completion the training and I am always thankful for that. First time i am so worried about thinking whether I can do it.

    Er. Nazneen.Manjeri, B Tech Civil, AWH Eng College. Kozhikode, Estimation Engineer-Qsurve Qatar.
  • IQSS campus changed my life in three months, Training from IQSS is the only one reason that I achieved my goal( finding a job in Dubai). Special Thanks Jilsha Madam and Sudhi Sir for training me to the best.

    Er. Snehal D Janglul,Mumbai, Quantity Surveyor-Bond Interior, Dubai
  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a valuable asset of my life and for being a great tutor. The knowledge you have given me will surely help me in my life, Thank you once again

    Er. Hisam. Malappuram, Btech Civil, AWH Kozhikode, Cost Controller, Al Rostamani Group, Dubai
  • IQSS Campus is Very Helpful for Civil Engineers after completing B Tech, I has no idea about basic engineering. But after this training i am very confident. I am very thank full to this institute.

    Er. Favas.KN. Malappuram, Btech Civil,MES Eng College,Cost Controller- Al Farra-Dubai
  • When i coming to IQSS I have only engineering Certificate (Not knowledge) Now i think, I Know something about engineering for that i am thanking for IQSS.

    Er. Muhammed Sammas.E. Malappuram, Btech Civil, Quantity Surveyor Akkar Technical service, Dubai.
  • I gained a lot of information more than an civil engineer, as a person and a professional and i Personally thanks to all who helped me to gain some knowledge about quantity Surveyor.

    Lastly I personally wish all success to IQSS and my beloved juniors.

    Er. Jaffer.PV. Malappuram, Be Civil, MES Eng College, Kuttipuram
  • I Aboorwin hereby say that, after my site experience I think that I have will power to handle any site as an Engineer. But after coming here, I understand that my experience is zero with those Gulf drawings. At first I cannot read those drawings and now I am able to read those drawings and make Quantity.
    I assure you that I will make good estimations and quantities for any companies. This is only because of your help and thank all who helped me over this course. I think these 3 months as my turning point in Civil field and for my future career sir.

    Er.Aboorwin. Kanyakumari, Btech. Civil Eng College, Banglore
  • First of all, my heartly thanks to this Institution, for giving me an address of a Quantity Surveyor. All the faculty here wer excellent. I have no words to explain. And we all never felt it like a business. I am sure, I was not the man who came here before 4 months. I got many new tips & Knowledge from here.

    Wishing a very best of luck for this Institution (IQSS) for a glorious future.

    Er.Raizal Moideen,Trissur, Be Civil, MES Eng College, Kuttipuram
  • First of all I don’t have any Idea about Quanity Surveying while entering this Institute. But during the training, I am completely satisfie, and I am leaving your Institute as a good Quanity Surveyor. I got the confidence now, and I had learnd many things regarding the management and other works that will take place in the construction field.

    Narendran.S, Btech.Civil,Eng College, Banglore
  • I feel very happy and confident after my training at IQSS. IQSS gave me a clear idea about quantity survey and a good practical exposure. Thank you so much for your guidance.

    Arun Kumar.C,Btech.Civil,Eng College, Banglore
  • It was a long delayed ambition of mine to pursue a job in the field of civil engineering (unfortunately I have completed degree, BA in English), and then I came to know about IQSS, while searching in Internet to fulfill my dream.

    While Joining IQSS I was uncertain of how I would end up after my training at the Institute with the minimum knowledge that i had. But now after 4 months of learning and living in IQSS, i can confidently say that I am a happy student. I have learned heaps of topics and have acquired a practical knowledge. None of these are my greatness, Its all because of the faculty at IQSS. Every teacher at IQSS has given me the best experience as a student I ever had. Every teacher went through the hardships of tolerating my mistakes and rectifying them and giving proper guidance

    And now I stand as a new person, who is not scared and confident enough to attend any Interview panel. I am quite sure that I would do well in life and all this is because of my life at IQSS. I would ever be in debt to IQSS.

    Er.Ribu Rahen Philip, Tiruvanathapuram
  • I feel so prud to write my review about IQSS. Now I am Working as a Quantity Surveyor in Al Futtaim, and all credit go to IQSS, Before coming to IQSS I am a complrte waste in knowledge, attitude and behaviour, however nowadays am recieving so much of calls from people and enquiring about IQSS because all of them are surprised that how a foolish,arrogant guy like me became a Quantity Surveyor. There is only one thing I want to say to the people who are reading this review, please dont waste your time, Try to learn and understand what actually is civil engineering . And submit all to Allah!! Allah is sufficient for us.

    Er.Shinoos Moideen. Trissur, IES Eng Trissur,Cost Controller Al Futtaim Cont. Dubai
  • My Mind is full of happiness and confidence while i am stepping our from IQSS.

    IQSS is my first stepping stone to start my career as a Estimation Engineer and also as an Civil Engineer Thanks for making me a Civil Engineer, Thanks IQSS

    Er. Lopin P Paul, Wayanad. RVS Eng College. Estimation Engineer. Dubai
  • Before Joining IQSS I was scared and confused about my future, eventhough I completed my B-Tech from Amritha School of Engineering. (Which is one of the top ranked University in India), even I have a year of site expereince after my course, but still I never able to take a proper quantity or estimation. However when I completed my 3 months of training from IQSS I am very much confident to take quantity, Prepeare bills, tenderning etc. Thank you IQSS.

    Er. Arun Kumar. Coimbatore. VMKV Eng College, Estimation Engineer. Saudi Arabia
  • Now I am working as Quantity Surveyor and Cost Estimation (Confidence Engineering and developing Grade A company ) in Doha – Qatar. If in case I am not trained from IQSS, I will never able to get a job in this Company, My sincere thanks to Team IQSS.

    Er. Shaheen, Orumanayoor.Trissur,Quantity Surveyor& Cost Estimation. Al Jabeer. Qatar
  • IQSS Calicut is very helpful for civil engineers after completing BTech, I had no idea about basic engineering. But after this course I am very confident. I am very thankful to you sir and this institute.

    Eng. Arun Sadashivan, Alappuzha Quantity Surveyor(UAE)
  • Thanking you from the bottom of my heart for being a valuable asset of my life and for being a great trainer, The knowledge you have give me will surely help me in my life, Thank you once again.

    Eng. Gladson, Trissur, Quantity Surveyor.
  • I came here with a little idea about quantity surveying and estimation, But after the completion this course I got a clear idea about quantity surveying and my Profession.I wish all the best for our organization and all staff.

    Eng Muhammed Junaid, Wayanad. Planning Engineer, Dubai.
  • From this course gained me and my friends all knowledge that me want for our life and carrier, Thanks for all supports.

    Eng. Shyam Murali, Thiripur, Thamilnadu , Quantity Surveyor (J&P- Saudi Arabia)
  • After my college lifem I have received a good experience from this institute,I have received knowledge about the construction industry and technical knowledge based on that from this institute,The experience from this course is entirely different from any other courses that I had already completed, As compared to the knowledge I have reveived from my college is bnothing when compared to this course, So lastely am thanking you from my bottom of heart for all your service.

    Eng Suhaib.P.V, Malappuram, Estimation Engineer (Qatar)
  • From this course I gain knowledge of quantity takeoff, Tendering & Final BOQ Preparation.This course was very helpful for me, Now I have a confident that I can face any interview.I am thankfull to all staff & collegue,who had helped,

    Yours fathifully,

    Sooraj.R, Kollam
  • I came here with no idea about estimation and planning. After this course I got a clear picture of that even though I have previous experience in quantity surveying.

    Deepak Nair, Vinayaka Engineering College, Estimation Engineer, Sharja
  • I have my best days in life here, Time has come to bid farewell to IQSS. I remember my first few weeks hee, I was totally scared and confused but as the class progressed my confident also increased, now I am enough confident to proclaim myself as an engineer. The class also helps beyond imparting knowledge, in personality improvement shaping up students to improve their personality & character.

    Shihab, Malappuram, Diploma in Civil, Quantity Surveyor(UAE)
  • Here from I learned Cost Control,Qunaity Survey & Estimation Very well, I can do all Quantities, Boq & Data Preparation , all learn from IQSS Calicut. Thanks a lot. Thank you very much for all the knowledge you imparted me for all the support you gave to us. I wish all success for IQSS In life keep giving knowledge to new blossom flowers.

    Eng Rasik Ameen,(B.E Civil), Quantity Surveyor, Bin laden Group, Saudi Arabia
  • I am a B-Tech Civil Engineer from the IES Trissur during 2008. I was working as a Project engineer in the National Contracting, Abudhabi. I have decided to up grade my skill in Construction Management to get my promotion. I have attended a Training programme at the ‘IQSS’ Institute. Now I will be promoted as Project Co odinator in my company. I recommend this training to all Civil Engineers for upgrading their skills for betterment of their career.

    Ranju, IES College, Trissur. Quantity Surveyor, Davood Contracting, Oman.
  • I was working as a Site Engineer in Qatar after my B. Tech, in Civil during 2000. I have attend the training on construction management at the IQSS’ Institute during my short vacation in Kerala. Thanks to the excellent training, Now I am working in Abudabi for the post of Estimation Engineer.

    Ramsheed, Vinayaka Engineering Collage, Estimation Engineer, Dubai.
  • I had passed Diploma In Civil Engineering 2005.and was working in Dubai For Cad operator when I came to know that a training in construction management will improve my career prospects. I ,then took a training at the IQSS . Now I am posted as a Quantity surveyor with BINLADEN GROUP, Saudi Arabia , and my salary and job prospects are very much better now.

    Harish, Malappuram, Quantity Surveyor, Bin laden Group Saudi.
  • I am an Be Civil engineer and I was searching for a good job. While attending interviews, I came to know that I have to upgrade my skills in Construction Management. Then I attended a Training and was selected for a job in Dubai as a Estimation Engineer. I recommend all the Engineering students to take up the Construction management training to improve their job prospects.

    Aneez. Be Civil, Quantity Surveyor, Abudhabi
  • First of all I thank you for your sincere effort in helping me whenever I needed the help. I came here with a hell of disappointment as I could not learn anything properly from my collage studies. But I got many ideas about civil engineering construction techniques reading the civil drawing, taking quantities, reinforcement billing etc,.

    Bassir Ameen, Govt Eng College, Trissur, Cost Controller in Dubai
  • I came here with little knowledge about building construction and quantity surveying especially the construction method at buildings, but after the course I have more confident about civil engineering and quantity surveying. Actually you are made for me A Civil Engineer not only a Quantity Surveyor. Thanks.

    Abdul Mujeeb – Quanitity Surveyor
  • First of all I would like to thank you for giving an opportunity to study under you, you are such an experienced,and tremendous personality.at this moment am very happy to say that I have learned so many things from you and your knd hearted and very co operative staffs. I am always rembemger all of you and always include in my prayers.

    Muhammed Huzni – Quantity Surveyor
  • I got a different knowledge about construction under your premisis, after this course my knowledge is increased and I hope ican improve it for my future, expecially thanking you all the staffs of IQSS,

    May God bless all of us.

    Rajeev Kannat – Quantity Surveyor
  • I sent enquiry 4 years back when I was in Dubai, I got immediate feed back and details. Unfortunately I could not able to come that time, due to other commitments. Finally I got opportunity to do course here and gained all types of knowledge and refresh my subjects like project execution, project planning, Estimation & Costing, Quantity survey some project costing & finance as well.

    T.Vijaykumar – Project Manager-Civil
  • I am very happy and refresh my personality to make develop here BOQ, Planning Quantity, Project coordinator I thanks very much. The purpose of quantity taking off and how to report or indicate the manager (management) about the current status of the project like material, men and machinery requirement at appropriate time is taught us for the benefit of the company and our self.

    Kripaharan-Estimation Engineer
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